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You are welcome to our web site. We invite you to explore the site to get more acquainted with our Department by following the links on the left column. As a forestry training institution located within the tropical rain forests, our programmes are geared towards producing highly skilled manpower capable of managing these forests in a sustainable manner.

To obtain more information about the history of the Department and our unique attributes as part of a University of Technology, click About Us. In addition to our undergraduate and graduate programmes, we also run some postgraduate diploma courses. Further details on all our academic programmes can be viewed by clicking the Programmes link.

This Department is well endowed with a crop of highly experienced and dedicated faculty and staff. These individuals are well attuned to the growing challenges confronting todays forestry professionals. Taking advantage of rapidly changing technology and interaction with other colleagues elsewhere, they adopt state-of-the-art methods and are very pragmatic in their approach to forestry training.

The profile of each of our Faculty are accessible through the link: Faculty and Staff. On-going research activities as well as selected publications of members of the Department are listed on the page of each staff. Some information about our courses are provided under the Course List link. Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Department.

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The department has been established to give prominence to sound scientific training and provide the much required impetus for rapid technological and industrial development in Forestry and Wood education in the past emphasisied forest planting and management,while little attention was given to the important area of harvesting and utilization by a virture of our mission, the programmes of the department are therefore designed to give students the required academic and practical background in areas of afforestation, inventory, harvesting and utilization of forest resources. it emhapizes special areas of social and environmental forestry. pulp and paper technology, forest and growth modelling and yield prediction, wood waste utilization, and development of agro-forestry practices to meet the increasing food and wood requirement of the country. in addition , the department excepect to provide high manpower that will be self reliance in proccessing the forest resources.

objective of the programmes

a. Provide education in the science and tecchnology of forestory resources management and utilization.

b. provides opportunities for result oriented research in forestry and wood technology, relevant to the country needs in general and local nedds in particular

c. disseminate to the public the result of research and facilitate the practical application of the result.

d. collorborate with federal and state government parastatals institute and other organisation in the areas of research into forestry and wood utilization.